10 Reasons why you should choose for Oceansat’s communications solutions

Oceansat B.V. believes that we are delivering the best communication solutions for you. We combine the best solutions that are available in the market and find the right solution for your needs and wishes. Below there are some reasons why OceanSat could be the perfect fit for you.

1# We offer a solution fitted to your target area.

Oceansat offers a communication solution fitted to your target area. If you are sailing in Europe, worldwide or worldwide regional Oceansat has the perfect solution for you. For example, the solution for a European target area we use an Intellian antenna with the THOR 7 satellite of Telenor that promises 99,5% uptime.


2# Oceansat offers unlimited data.

We offer unlimited data with no data limits. Experience unlimited data usages even on the middle of the sea. No extra costs attached at the end of the month. No worries about exceeding your data limit, we enable you to fully enjoy your VSAT connection.


3# Oceansat has a 24/7 service.

Oceansat is available for service 24/7. We know how important the connectivity is on board of your vessel, so we matched our service level to this need. We want to be able to support you whenever, wherever. Contact us with the following number for our 24/7 support +31(0)85 04 03 600 or mail our support team at; Support@oceansat.com


4# Installations are done by our own engineers.

All our installations will be completed by our inhouse Intellian certified engineers. Our engineers have had their fair share of training. But that is not where it ends. We keep the knowledge on level by constant training, and evaluating our projects and installations. Our engineers are ready to help you whenever, wherever.


5# Flexibility in buying options

As you all know a VSAT system is quite the investment, but Oceansat has multiple solutions that enables you to look at this in a different way. You can just buy the hardware and the airtime, but you can also lease the hardware. If you want to know more check our VSAT selector; https://www.oceansat.com/vsat-selector/thor-7/


6# Innovative solutions that will add extra value to your connection.

The VSAT connection on board your vessel will enable more things in the future. Here at OceanSat we like to look at the future, and think of the technologies you might need. For example, the protection of your connection, look at APM terminals, this is something we want to prevent for all vessels. Firewall As a service, Powerline solution, Augmented Reality. Check more on our solutions on our website.


7# Personal client bonding

You, the customer, is the most important thing in our company. Your needs, wishes are what drive is every day to innovate. Our whole team is set to help you in the most personal manner as possible. We keep communication lines short, with personal contact. No tickets systems and week waiting times for a response. Our aim is to keep improving on this point, with the goal to have the best personal contact with our customers.


8# HTS Ready

OceanSat offers solutions with HTS (High Throughput Satellites) We use the iDirect platform and their latest X7 modems giving us a direct way too Velocity and HTS technology. As HTS satellites come online, you will benefit from increased capacity and high bandwidth applications. Velocity will also bring increased network monitoring and visibility for our Network Operations Center.


9# Flexible, Competitively priced packages

OceanSat offer a wide range of flexible packages with mix and match options for airtime and hardware, to suit specific requirements for different vessels and fleets. We’re also confident that our pricing is some of the best available on the market, ensuring that everything is included upfront with no hidden costs and complete transparency.


10# CIR guarantees bandwidth across all packages

All OceanSat packages have a Committed Information Rate (CIR), which is the guaranteed bandwidth rate that the customer can expect at all times. Most other providers cannot offer a CIR, as they can’t guarantee bandwidth due to contention on their networks.




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About Oceansat


Did you know that Oceansat installed the first Intellian V110 VSAT antenna in Europe almost 10 years ago? It was our first step in connecting vessels to the digital world! With our broad knowledge about maritime  connectivity, we support vessels worldwide to keep them connected via VSAT, 4G and our in-house developed Hybrid Solution. 



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