OceanSat VSAT Airtime solutions provides broadband internet access when you require a reliable two way IP communication. We deliver dedicated and shared airtime services from our preferred airtime providers which enable us to offer worldwide coverage or tailored regional and spotbeam solutions. 

Worldwide coverage
Worldwide coverage


  • Quick internet on board of your vessel
  • Low telephone costs
  • better and affordable communication with the office
  • Satisfied crew
  • Better management of your fleet


  • High speed internet access
  • Ku/Ka-band services
  • Intellian Technologies dealer since 2005; the first in Europe!
  • VNO, we monitor your connection 24/7
  • Our Network Operating Centre to assure 99.9% up-time and Quality Of Service management
  • competibale with all major stabilized antennas
  • We assure 99.5% up-time
  • Download bandwith up to 4 Mbps, upload up to 1Mbps
  • We offer regional and worldwide coverage
  • Flexible as no other VSAT company in the world

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