VSAT for INland difficult? here it is!

OceanSat is Always looking for innovative ideas and products. From this perspective we introduced, as one of the first, VSAT internet for inland vessels! In area's where there is no 3G/4G coverage internet through the satellite is the ideal solution. For example vessels who are travelling on the Danube river are experiencing problems with terrestrial networks like 3G/4G. For those vessels an reliable internet connection is not only mandatory for their business, but it also means that the wellfare on board increases for the owner and his crew.

Free calls via Voip

VoIP is a technique which allows you to call via your internet connection. Only thing you need is the connection and a suitable telephone. Simple as that.

This means incredible cost savings which alows you to invest your money in other critical business processes or you can just save you well earned money.

Dish Diameter    60cm

Radome Dimension    700mm x 740mm (DxH)

Radome Material    Plastic

Antenna Weight    20Kg 

Stabilized Platform    2-Axis 

Tracking Speed    More than 60°/sec

Azimuth Range    680° 

Elevation Range    -10°~90°

Skew Control    Auto (-120° ~ 120°)

Humidity    100%@40°C

Operation Temp    -20°C ~ 55°C

Storage Temp    -30°C ~ 70°C

RX Frequency    10.95 ~ 12.75 GHz 

TX Frequency    13.75 ~ 14.5 GHz

RX Gain    35.5dBi@Mid band

TX Gain    37dBi@Mid band

Cross pol    28dB@boresight

LNB    Control Automatic pol angle control

LNB    iLNB (Lo: 9.75GHz, 10.6GHz)

BUC    0.5W / 0.8W

G/T    14.0dB/K

Operation    Platform 2 Axis

ACU Size    200x200x50mm 

Display    LCD (OLED)

HMI    Push Key 

Input Power    18~28VDC

GPS, Gyro    Built-in (Digital Sensor) 

Output Power    24VDC, 3A(Max), 75W

External I/O    RS232C

Modem Interface    F-con