Multi Wan Routers with Cloud based management & monitoring

Don't you want your vessel to auto switch from VSAT to 3G/4G networks or from 3G/4G networks to point-to-point Wi-Fi? Do you want your vessel to stay flexible and reduce connectivity cost? Do you want to give VSAT of 4G more priority then other WAN connections? Or set up unbreakable VPN pipelines? 

Then Peplink routers are the right choice for you on board of your vessels. At OceanSat we consider the Pepwave Balance and MAX outdoor routers with cloud based management and monitoring the core of the internet connection. 

Even the biggest vessels are deployed with Peplink balancing solutions

A Peplink Balance 710 forms the core and prioritizes its WAN connections as follows: Point-to-point Wi-Fi, 2x LTE/3G via MAX HD2 IP67, VSAT, and finally tethered data from an Iridium satellite phone. To maximize WAN diversity, one MAX HD2 IP67 is placed on each side of the vessel. This setup is designed to maintain a continuous connection, and is also configured to prioritize the most affordable WAN connections.When the vessel is at shore, it will be connected 

to point-to-point Wi-Fi. When this becomes unavailable, it will fail-over to cellular network connections provided by the MAX HD2 IP67s. Once it leaves shore coverage, cellular networks will take over until they are out of reach of the cellular towers. At which point, VSAT takes over, with the Iridium satellite phone as an additional failover option.

Proud to be Peplink certified partner!

OceanSat is recognised as an expert at making product recommendations, troubleshooting Peplink products and out-maneuvering competitors during RFQ's. Peplink Certified Engineers get the latest scoop on Peplink products, and have an important say in their product creation process. Within OceanSat we concider the Peplink Balance and MAX solutions as the core of the internet VSAT,

3G/LTE or Wi-Fi connections and as high-tech products which really helps with gaining more signal strength and cost reduction in the maritime industry. We have helped many customers already in the Inland, Merchant and Off-shore market with enhanced features like load balancing, hot-failover, WAN priorization, VPN, VPN Smoothing and VPN Bonding!

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