Augmented reality added to our service

Our Augmented Reality platform for Maritime helps us to optimize our processes. The aim is to supercharge our certified maritime engineers by giving them the right knowledge anytime, anywhere in the world. No matter where you are! And that is very helpfull for our customers. This way we reduce travel costs dramatically, increase troubleshooting accuracy and optimize the operation of our service. Our Augmented Reality platform support the following features;


  • Expert video-support anywhere in the world
  • Instant knowledge-base access
  • Business Intelligence
  • Task Management
  • Big Data Solutions

This will be realized by using the Augmented Reality platform in combination with smart glasses at first.  The platform gives support to a technician on-site, giving all necessary information and the possibility to have a video conference with colleagues all around the world, so they can see what the engineer on-site is seeing. These features give us the possibility to give live and virtual training for technicians or engineers. As we're logging everything, we can give you insights of big data solutions with real-time data.