Telehealth facilitates efficient delivery and access to medical care regardless of location or medical specialty while utilizing evidence based medicine to achieve superior outcomes.


Whether you are looking for primary or supplementary coverage, Telehealth provides your business or facility with access to hundreds of physicians across all specialties and can provide you with the physician services you need, when you need them.


Telehealth medical teams delivering top level service 24-7

Clinical uses of telehealth technologies

  • Transmission of medical images for diagnosis (often referred to as store and forward telehealth)
  • Groups or individuals exchanging health services or education live via videoconference (real-time telehealth)
  • Transmission of medical data for diagnosis or disease management (sometimes referred to as remote monitoring)
  • Advice on prevention of diseases and promotion of good health by patient monitoring and followup.
  • Health advice by telephone in emergent cases (referred to as teletriage)

Nonclinical uses of telehealth technologies

  • Distance education including continuing medical education, grand rounds, and patient education
  • administrative uses including meetings among telehealth networks, supervision, and presentations
  • research on telehealth
  • online information and health data management
  • healthcare system integration
  • asset identification, listing, and patient to asset matching, and movement
  • overall healthcare system management
  • patient movement and remote admission

Telehealth benefits on board


  • Diagnose and treat minor injury or illness quickly
  • Reduce crew member ‘’lost time’’
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduction of costly redirects or evacuations
  • Improved crew welfare
  • Improved compliance with regulatory standards
  • Schedule follow-up appointments when necessary

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