OceanHybrid Connect aggregates multiple communication channels like 4G, L-band and VSAT into 1 solution. Automaticly. 


OceanHybrid Connect is ideal for captains and crew that want to E-mail and call at sea and stream their favorite websites and music in coastal area's. It is ideal for vessels that do not have budget for VSAT equipment or airtime, but want to be connected at sea via E-mail or telephone. OceanHybrid Connect combines 4G with satellite connectivity or satellite connectivity with L-band. Automaticly via software defined WAN solutions by OceanSat. 


Advantages from OceanHybrid Connect:

  • E-mail and telephone at sea
  • Streaming via our own regioal and global 4G solution in coastal area
  • From 20GB up to 10TB datasubscribtions
  • Versatile solution, 5G ready, connect VSAT in the future when needed
  • Software to define the WAN connection, failover, outbound traffic
  • Global satellite connectivity
  • Hardware 70% cheaper then VSAT equipment
  • Used as primairy or back-up connection
  • When used as back-up, it is 50% cheaper then FleetBroadBand. 
  • Remote monitoring and management software to control your vessels network


Global satellite and 4G

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Monitoring & management

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20GB up to 10TB dataBundels

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Company Information


Ippelseweg 15b

4255 HW Nieuwendijk

The Netherlands


T   +31 (0)85 04 03 600

E   info@oceansat.com

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About Oceansat


Did you know that Oceansat installed the first Intellian V110 VSAT antenna in Europe almost 10 years ago? It was our first step in connecting vessels to the digital world! With our broad knowledge about maritime  connectivity, we support vessels worldwide to keep them connected via VSAT, 4G and our in-house developed Hybrid Solution. 



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