VSAT Solutions

Oceansat  provides unlimited KU-band VSAT broadband, with coverage on all major sailing routes worldwide. The state-of-the-art Idirect modem provides download speeds up to 20 Mbit/sec with the upcoming GX service and assures seamless beam switching. Experience the speed and comfort of high-speed internet with no restrictions in usage for a fixed monthly fee. Also, many value added services can be offered: low cost Voice over IP telephony, real-time monitoring, monthly reports on usage and availability, Hotspot WiFi, GSM on board and much more.


INTELLIAN; The first in Europe


Crucial for connectivity on board is a partner that knows his products. OceanSat started distributing the satellite communication antennas from Intellian Technologies in Europe back in 2005. OceanSat's initial contact with the Korean manufacturer dates back to 2004, that means 10 years already!

The results since then have proved how right his choice was. Intellian Technologies’ vision and mission fitted in perfectly with the ambitious growth plan for OceanSat and this outstanding collaboration has resulted in an ever increasing number of satisfied VSAT customers. The products are absolutely top class, require very little maintenance and are exceptionally easy to use.

Global or Regional  Coverage                                                             

Oceansat provides premium broadband internet access. We offer a low-cost and reliable two-way IP communication, both dedicated and shared services based on the Idirect Evolution technology with some of the most relailbe airtime partners in the world of maritime VSAT communication.