Shipznet, clever mobile solutions

Shipznet is het first high-speed mobile telecom service for vessels that can offer a 5GB/Month flat rate anywhere in the world with no extra roaming cost or extra effort to purchase local SIM cards. Shipznet can be installed with minimal effort and offers significant advantages for Shipping companies and their crews.


shipznet offers high-speed data transmission based on the latest mobile communication technology such as HSPA+/EDGE and GSM. By using shipznet technology, customers can profit from large data volumes whilst gaining tremendous cost savings with favorable tariffs.



What shipznet provides


Streamlined – outstanding cost efficiency

  • Direct monthly accounting – no individual billing per SIM card
  • No hardware investments
  • Provider-independent

Mobile – easy installation

  • Above-deck unit with two antennas for mobile communication
  • Below-deck unit including power supply 
  • Integrated web server for status display and configuration

Broadband – high bandwidth

  • Data rate up to 20 Mbit/sec
  • Low latency – ideal for remote management
  • High data volume in the GB range per month