Which applications will drive VSAT internet to the next fase?

Unlimited Bandwidth and guaranteed data speeds via VSAT


The introduction of unlimited bandwidth and guaranteed data speeds via VSAT terminals are opening up a lot of new opportunities for crew on board ships to use internet driven applications to make their life easier and more efficient while at sea. Business critical applications like E-mail and VoIP or crew welfare applications like Facebook and streaming internet are becoming normal as the number of VSAT terminals grows each year! And, by the introduction of High Throughput Satellite technologies like Telenor's THOR 7 we can transfer data like at home, with download and upload speeds of 70Mbps/7Mbps. 

Not only download speeds are becoming higher, unlimited and guaranteed. They are becoming more affordable also. Airtime is up to 4 times less expensive then traditional Ku-band satellite airtime as we all know today.  

So, this means that we can think of new applications that will not only help crew but is helping shipping companies to operate their vessels more efficient. Internet can even closer to shore which will increase the commitment and experience at the office. Imagine that you can watch vessel's operation real time via state-of-the-art CCTV video compression tools or remotely support technicians on board via all kinds of remote collaboration applications?

But what are user applications that will drive
internet capacity requirements that are made possible with modern VSAT technology? 

What can OceanSat do to meet this driving demand for VSAT connectivity?

Telenor's THOR 7 is currently the state-of-the-art VSAT Satellite solution you can find on the market right now! This High Throughput satellite is really designed to transfer large amount of data and is dedicated to fulfill your demand for connectivity at sea. THOR 7 coverage is optimized for the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Baltic Sea and the Mediteranean and can deliver up to 4 times lower costs then normal Ku-band satellite internet.


Data speeds up to 70Mbps/7Mbps
Maximum speeds of 70Mbps download and 7Mbps upload is never been achieved before over Satellite. Especially not on 60-centimeter antenna's like the V60Ka from Intellian.  This is not only because of the satellite antenna of course, but has to do with the brand new iDirect Velocity platform that is bringing the entire service to another level! 

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Did you know that Oceansat installed the first Intellian V110 VSAT antenna in Europe almost 10 years ago? It was our first step in connecting vessels to the digital world! With our broad knowledge about maritime  connectivity, we support vessels worldwide to keep them connected via VSAT, 4G and our in-house developed Hybrid Solution. 



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