Maritime communication solutions

Who is OceanSat?

OceanSat is a Dutch based company working in the maritime IT & communications industry in the OffShore, Merchant Fishery and Yachting market. Providing customers with the right IT & Communication solutions, to create happy vessels!


What can we offer you?

We offer in-depth knowledge about VSAT, TVRO, 3G/LTE/4G and Wi-Fi solutions from many of the known brands in the maritime industry.


We have been the first Intellian distributor in the Europe and have certified engineers that install and service over 500 VSAT and TVRO installations. Furthermore, we are certified Peplink partners, which means that we help you with all your questions about multi-wan routers. With our partnerships with local and international Telecom companies we also offer cost effective data and voice subscriptions. We consider ourselves as your one stop maritime IT shop!

European Unlimited Data usage VSAT solution!

THOR7 KA-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) payload offers up to 40 Mbps throughput with up to 25 simultaneously active spotbeams. Providing you with an unlimited data solution to ensure internet communication. Click here for more information


Target area: 

North Atlantic / Norwegian sea, Black sea, Caspian sea, Red sea, Baltic sea, Persian gulf and the mediterrenean

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