Remote IT


OceanHybrid Connect aggregates multiple communication channels like 4G, L-band and VSAT into 1 solution. And the best thing is; our software automaticly change the WAN connection for you based on availability, cost or priority!


We provide our own independent global VSAT footprint with 99,8% UPTIME! Thanks to a large teleport network combined with state-of-the art satellite operators on the worldclass iDirect Velocity and Newtec platforms.


Our incontrol management and monitoring software, European and Global footprint and unique hands-on support is at the core of our own developed 4G solution.

Remote IT

No budget for your own IT department?

Meet OceanSat Remote IT!


The IPTV system enhances the crew comfort on board and helps the ship owner retain its valuable crew.


We are here for shipping companies that follow the path of changing the maritime industry by the use of connectivity and connectivity driven applications like autonomous shipping, augmented reality, big data and remote medical support to operate their vessels efficient and awnser the ever increasing shortage of skilled personell.


We want to help shipping companies in their journey to keep ahead of the competition by offering intelligent and innovative internet solutions.





We focus on internet at sea solutions by offering worldwide connectivity and support to tug and workboats, offshore vessels, marine vessels and merchant vessels. 


  • Integrate communication equipment from Sailor, IntellianiDirectPeplinkCiscoNewTecKNS, KVH, Next, Eaton. 
  • Provide airtime packages on VSAT Ka/Ku-band, L-band and 4G.
  • 365/24/7 support on airtime and hardware
  • IT solutions, workstation management, cloud management, IT hardware lease and support.
  • Innovative applications and intelligent connectivity solutions


Every day our team come to work with only 1 goal: create the best possible service for our customers in order to have 110% satisfied customers, staff and crew! 

We provide internet at sea!

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