Who we are?

We are your innovative maritime communication provider. Oceansat is specialized in VSAT and TVRO equipment, multi-band connectivity covering Ku, Ka, C, L-band, UMTS (3G/4G), M2M, cyber security and cost saving applications like signal process optimization via Ansur, remote support via Fieldbit and telemedicine via Medassist.online.

What you want?

You want to have internet at sea via VSAT, because it offers you always on internet no matter where you are. But, when in coastal area you want to use your 3G/4G connection, because it is fast and cheap. And once you are connected, you want to see what is happening with your connection, clients and bandwidth yourself. And when something is wrong with your hardware? You want to call helpdesk with 24/7 support and people who know there job to help you remote or fly to your vessel to repair or service your equipment!


What we offer!

We install and maintain communication and navigation equipment and provide global or regional VSAT, 3G/4G and L-band connectivity.  With our software defined WAN we arrange the failover from VSAT to 4G for you and give you real-time insight in the network. And if something goes wrong? You can contact our own helpdesk for remote support or request service from one of our dedicated communication engineers.

Our connectivity services

Remote IT


OceanHybrid Connect aggregates multiple communication channels like 4G, L-band and VSAT into 1 solution. And the best thing is; our software automaticly change the WAN connection for you based on availability, cost or priority!


We provide our own independent global VSAT footprint with 99,8% UPTIME! Thanks to a large teleport network combined with state-of-the art satellite operators on the iDirect, Newtec and Comtech platforms.


Our incontrol management and monitoring software, European and Global footprint and unique hands-on support is at the core of our own developed 4G solution.


No budget for your own IT department?

Meet OceanSat Remote IT!

Our customers

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T   +31 (0)85 04 03 600

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About Oceansat


Did you know that Oceansat installed the first Intellian V110 VSAT antenna in Europe almost 10 years ago? It was our first step in connecting vessels to the digital world! With our broad knowledge about maritime  connectivity, we support vessels worldwide to keep them connected via VSAT, 4G and our in-house developed Hybrid Solution. 



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